Water for The Poor

Benefit Incidence Analysis of Water Supply in Bogor (Study Case in Water Grant Program)

Final research, postgraduate program Economic Faculty University of Indonesia.

One of the characteristics city problems is the low availability of services or basic infrastructure facilities as a result of the total population because of the high level of migration. The city can not balance the provision of clean water due to population growth so fast. Low service is also compounded by the problems of urban planning, which is the number of the urban poor living in slums and illegal areas more difficult to gain access to clean water, in addition to lack of awareness and lack of education. The problem of limited availability of water is increasingly complicated by the inequality in the distribution of clean water to the poor. UNDP mentions the water crisis caused by the absence of equitable distribution, not by the scarcity of resources.

This research found the poor do not gain the most benefit from the expansion of public expenditure clean water service coverage (less than 30%). Rich people enjoy the services that should be enjoyed by the poor. Here the issues, inequality, low productivity, lack of competitiveness, and the fulfillment of basic services.

Kindly read the journal. 

Full text visit http://lib.ui.ac.id/ or kindly PM.


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